Off Duty Solutions
"Drivers are professional with law enforcement background, can't get better expertise than that!"
D. Jones
Client Services
TRUST Your Supply Chain Security to our Team of Experts.

We only use retired police officers as cargo support specialists to escort your tractor-trailer or fleet of trucks to prevent freight theft. Learn more about the most targeted commodities of cargo theft.

  • Security Escorts in Unmarked Vehicles
  • Cargo Tracking Devices
  • Logistics Threat and Risk Assessment
  • Intelligence Reporting
  • Vetting Carriers and Facilities
  • On-site Security Staffing
  • Secure Lots
Our Approach
Our Layered Security Places YOU in Constant Control.

Receive expert and customized freight and distribution center security service protection. Additional layers of security in your supply chain can save hundreds of thousands in loss.

  • Law Enforcement Expertise
  • Constant Visibile Surveillance 24/7
  • Proactive Prevention of Costly Cargo Theft
  • Deter Distribution Center Theft
  • Instant Communication with Local Police
  • Save up to 10% on Insurance Premiums
Reliable pay and job opportunities
Businesses using manned escorts for cargo freight should get a 10% discount from their insurance carrier. If your carrier doesn't give this discount, Neace Lukens will, click on the logo above for more details!

ShadowFreight Security is fully insured by Neace Lukens.